Releasing, Reconnecting, Reclaiming, Expanding And Embodying Your Feminine Power.

Retreats especially crafted for Women...

Do you feel the call to re-discover your own sacred dimensions?
To re-kindle your innate earth wisdoms?
To heal, to explore, nurture, be held & empower your sacred feminine forces within?
We have tenderly woven these incredible retreats guiding you into your inner terrain to access deeper healing,

the temple
1 day retreat

Women come home to your temple.
A DAY OF BODY LOVE. Your body is your temple YOUR SACRED SPACE.. Receive the beauty of your body.
Learn how to take care and look after your body. Opening to your Divine body intelligence. A total day of self-care.
Enjoy gorgeous nourishing practices. Meditation. Self massage & homemade skin care. Energy healing. Deeply restorative yoga. Breathwork. Conscious nutrition.

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Sat 9th April
10am - 5pm

the chalice
4 Day retreat

Sensual mastery journey for women
Inner Alchemy: Your Sacred Sexuality as a pathway to freedom. COMING FULLY ALIVE. Relaxing and letting go into a deeply held sacred space to worship your body and access deeper states of self trust. Complete heart activation. Cultivate your sensual power with your hips,dropping so deep into your breath. Deepen self intimacy with your inner beloved. Body painting. Initiating the fire of your sensuality. Cacao Ceremonies. Somatic nature movement & Ecstatic dance. Soul retrieval. Sacred codes of the rose & sacred geometry ceremonies.

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MON 13th - Thurs 16th  JUNE 

Sat 14th May
 10am - 5pm

designed by Elizabeth McCravy

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