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I was my own first student. Navigating Co-dependency, Perfectionism & imposter syndrome. After suffering from a toxic relationship and drowning in a pool of fears from the relationship, unhealed childhood traumas and generational wounding —i began a journey of intense self healing one-day-at-a time of  Shamanism (biohacking your energy field), Trauma Therapy, Studying Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Natural medicine & Taking off whenever i could into nature and climb mountains.
In the process i developed a united philosophy of  Quantum Healing using Mind, Body and Spiritual methods That equipped myself & other women with the tools necessary to heal themselves and connect more to the truth of who they are, intuition and create a life that they love.

TRAUMA therapist | RTT HYPNOTHERAPIST  | Herbal enthusiast | Doctorate (PhD) Metaphysical Sciences. Student

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Designed to help you Heal, Alchemise & Deeply Nurture yourself  back to life from Toxic Karmic Relationships, Childhood Traumas, Co-Dependency, Perfectionism, Imposter syndrome, Anxiety Disorders & Burnout in your life to Self Empowerment, Self-love and a renewed sense of purpose using a holistic approach of healing the Body mind & spirit.

Side effects of Trauma Responses we work on are - Feeling stuck, Burnout, Apathy, Fear, Procrastination, ambivalence, lack of self trust (aka intuition) people pleasing, analysis paralysis, Anxiety, feelings of being found out for being a fraud, guilt and shame & self worth.

This Program also guides you to also cultivate an empowered relationship with the dark   —understanding it not as something negative, but as the fertile grounds from which true power, compassion, and wisdom arise.



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Metanoia  an exclusive MEMBERSHIP & COMMUNITY that offers a beautiful fusion of ancient teachings with a modern approach to Loving & nurturing yourself in mind body & spirit.
With access to Workshops and Teachings, Healing Circles, Community, SoulBook Club + a Natural Health & Wellness Library  
  • Live in deeper harmony with your true nature and become abundant in all areas of your life.
  •  Learn how to trust your inner guidance system, awaken to your intuition and understand your individual place in the world & Share your unique Voice.
  • Release Stress, burnout and ambivalence to restoring inner balance, reclaiming your power & Joy
  • Shamanic & Metaphysic Teachings- See the world through an energetic lens
  • Monthly Herbal Remedies & introduction to a new medicinal herb to support the physical, emotional & psycho-spiritual body
  • New "Higher self " activation Meditations each month


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Join us for a SoulMountain™ Pilgrimage or Mini Mountain Day Trip.
Take your soul on a vacation to mend the soul, regroup, connect, recharge and reconnect with your own magnificence & life changing wisdom of the wilderness with Holly & friends


SoulMountain™ Pilgrimages

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A one day retreat to receive the initiation the rite of the womb
This lineage of women freed themselves from suffering and wants us to remember the womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life. Together we are a lineage of women who remembers that we did not come to suffer in this life but to be creators of our deepest longings & destinies
Learn about the Sacred wisdom of menstrual cycles, Female courage, assertiveness , joy & consciousness itself.


Rite of the womb

Praise Hands

"Holly was amazing. You can't go wrong working with her! I suffered a breakdown & couldn't see the woods from the trees.. "

"Holly was amazing. I suffered a breakdown and was unable to see the wood through the tree’s. RTT® was a truly unique experience and I am so thankful for this work. I have been able to overcome my anxiety and overwhelm and feel so much more positive about moving forward in my life. I had been receiving CBT, however within just 1 session of RTT®, I no longer feel anxious or depressed. I really admire and appreciate the work and I am excited as I continue to grow in confidence every day. Thank You.

kate w.

"Holly you have totally transformed my life & my unhealthy relationship with food!"

"I had one session with Holly where she used RTT therapy to get to the root of my problems with chocolate and unhealthy food choices. With the support of Holly and a personal recording for 21 days i am now seeing the benefits of the treatment and have lost 8lbs in 5 weeks and no longer have the urge to to eat unhealthily. Never would have i thought that one session of RTT hypnosis would solve my unhealthy relationship with food but it has and i now feel super confident. I can highly recommend Holly as a therapist as she is a total professional who truly wants to help others with issues they may be experiencing. Thank you Holly you have transformed my Life!

michelle Maslen

"Holly helped me go from Depression to self Expression"

"“This Mentorship  (The Reset) was life saving, I am so happy that I joined! I was exhausted from taking care of my mum and Holly helped me to go from Anxiety & Depression to self expression! I stopped procrastinating and got to work, I got clear on my vision, and most importantly, I’ve become determined, self confident and so much more. Holly you are a life changer! Thank you. I am forever grateful .”

Lucy W

"Holly puts you at complete ease!"

"You can make a massive jumps in consciousness in a very quick time. I'm left with a sense of space which allows me to grow. Ive let go of habits which were holding mw back. She unpicked years of thoughts that were holding me back in just one session! Thank you so much."

Emily K. 

RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 

"I started drinking alcohol at the age of 21 and I never really stopped for 30 years. Other therapies just focused on the alcohol but no therapy ever really got to the root cause. 
RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 
I am now 3 years sober thanks to RTT® and it has improved my entire life. Those around me now also know the real me now and they do not need to worry about me."

kayla r.

"Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.!"

I am Sooo.. grateful for the session you gave me today, It was difficult initially to admit that I had an issue with sex from childhood Trauma, but you was the right therapist at the right time, & I recommend you to anyone that is being held back from living a full life, for whatever reasons.
You have shifted something inside of me, I feel lighter & a definite shift in the way I now think about sex & relationships, the past is never going to hold me back anymore.
I don't feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about sex, I'm looking forward to a long healthy loving relationship with enough lenghthy playful sex to fulfil my life..
Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.


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Hollys Herbal Medicines & Remedies designed to support the physical, emotional & psycho-spiritual body will be coming soon from Garden to Farmacy.
As above so below

Remedies to heal the heart and open the soul

Ilex Pharmacy

— Holly

“The world we live in is changing at an unnatural and unprecedented rate. We now bear witness to the impact of millennia of human life upon planet earth – and it is an alarming vision for us all. Perhaps it is unsurprising then, that this awakening to the global, environmental & societal truth, is coupled with an unprecedented surge in healing the mind body & spirit and the psychic disease of not "enoughness" & Perfectionism is impacting our natural world. The answers we are seeking have been in plain sight all along in our disconnection to nature – in nature, in the seasons, in the rhythms and cycles of life.”

"STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and book Holly for a Session now! You won't regret it!"

— Michelle S.

"After having a RTT session with Holly I became on fire to live out my purpose & stop procrastination !"

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Graduates of RTT complete a rigorous programme of training in order to become certified. We have been externally audited and validated as a training provider by organisational bodies across the world including: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH), International Association of Counsellors & Therapists (IACT) and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).