a unique blueprint to get you out of confusion, perfectionism, OCD, analysis paralysis and fear of sharing your voice to trusting your Intuition,clarity on your purpose & sharing your soul gifts.

i help you remember who you are and heal after trauma and co-dependency so you can take a Quantum leap in your business.

The Reset

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for Empathic women entrepreneurs

create a quantum leap in your business & life. align with my spiritual laws of the universe methodology & marketing method to create an impactful business

life path astrology & Positive psychology
GET crystal clear CLARITY WITH LIFE PATH ASTROLOGY &  positive psychology in your business & life. Look into the future & work backwards  

Spiritul and eco psychology & subconscious mind reprogramming
nature therapy & rituals for soothing the nervous system
intuition training
own your voice & be heard

the Method...

Soul Complete Trauma Method
heal Trauma
with RTT Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting,Deep somatic release reprogramming, trauma informed coaching & Shamanic Healing 





a 121 6 month Mentorship program. Helping Women Entrepreneurs heal from trauma to finding Clarity in their soul gifts so they can take a quantum leap in their business and life

THis is for you if..

  • Suffering from Anxiety or Depression, co-dependency past emotional flashbacks, abandonment issues & past traumas.

  • Experiencing negative looping thoughts & behaviours and you are in a cycle of self sabotage, perfectionism, OCD ,overwhelm, analysis paralysis and are fed up with staying STUCK!

  • A BIG PEOPLE PLEASER which makes you feel frustrated because you are not putting your needs first and feel guilty all the time.

  • You keep holding yourself back because of fear of failure & are unclear with what you want and your purpose?

  • Lack Confidence & have low self esteem, keep taking lots of courses and trainings but never applying it into your business? you've had a hundred million niches and still don't know what your doing?

  • Have lost trust in yourself , angry, frustrated and confused. Restless and short attention span. You have difficulty in making decisions.

  • Have physical symptoms like IBS, Gut problems, lack of sleep,/too much sleep, aches and pains? and muscle tension?

  • You often doubt yourself, longing to find SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE within.

  • You're ready to discover your PURPOSE & CALLING and bring your GIFT & MESSAGE to the world. You know you have a deep Drive within somewhere!

  • You are tired of not living the life you were designed to live 



Holly  gets it, she knows how to make it happen, and is committed to your own healing process

  • Did you know that the majority of women don’t even know what they want?  

  • They’ve never given themselves the chance to breakthrough their traumas from codependency that link to their low self-worth that directly impacts their LIFE

  • Most women never get the chance to reprogram their subconscious mind, neutralise their ancestor lineage, or rewire their brain. 
  • What if you gave yourself the gift of saying NO more living small, NO more settling, NO more living out of my past programming?
  • What if you said YES to believing in yourself?

  • You are a spiritual being with a very specific Life Purpose that has been written on your DNA?

  • The first step to success is the Power of Decision. When you commit to your dreams, the Universe conspires!


  • Live with fully embodying your intuition, owning your voice & trusting yourself every step of the way


When you enroll in The Reset you become a member of the Soul Woman community & Soul Surrender Membership

You're ready to OWN your own power.

Tell another trait of your ideal customer to draw them in.

Tell them who they are, and who they want to become. 


Clarity on your Purpose?  get super clear on you and your authentic self and  follow through with your dreams and desires with Life path astrology & positive Psychology

You're ready to accept people as they are and create powerful boundaries so you can have thriving relationships

Free from Fear, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, analysis paralysis, self sabotage, OCD & Addictions that are holding you back to living in full alignment and feeling Safe.

Whats included...

Increased self confidence, so you feel good about yourself, like yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. Get Excited about living your life again rather than just existing

Release Trauma & Eliminate old belief systems, fears and doubts forever.

You will have a deeper understanding of why you were a magnet to a narcissist & Learn how to spot the red flags and take back control of your life

Learn about early attachment and how your childhood can impact how you operate as an adult

Learn how to calm and regulate your nervous system. You will have knowledge as to what is happening in your brain, mind and body and why you have been stuck & Start to trust yourself again

You will Heal from past Narcisstic Traumas, identify and completely reprogram the limiting beliefs that are holding your back.

You will cultivate a phenomenal understanding of yourself, physically, mentally and neurologically and learn how to help yourself feel how you want to feel, all the time.

taking inspired action making your healing and breakthrough a reality.

You will experience an ironclad, unwavering belief in yourself that you never imagined possible.


— Kate W.

HOLLY HAS a reassuring nature, I felt entirely comfortable with her. The session was helpful and a the RTT has helped immensely.

"STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and book Holly for a Session now! You won't regret it!"

— Michelle S.

"After having a RTT session with Holly I became on fire to live out my purpose & stop procrastination !"

Praise Hands

"Holly was amazing. You can't go wrong working with her! I suffered a breakdown & couldn't see the woods from the trees.. "

"Holly was amazing. I suffered a breakdown and was unable to see the wood through the tree’s. RTT® was a truly unique experience and I am so thankful for this work. I have been able to overcome my anxiety and overwhelm and feel so much more positive about moving forward in my life. I had been receiving CBT, however within just 1 session of RTT®, I no longer feel anxious or depressed. I really admire and appreciate the work and I am excited as I continue to grow in confidence every day. Thank You.

kate w.

"Holly you have totally transformed my life & my unhealthy relationship with food!"

"I had one session with Holly where she used RTT therapy to get to the root of my problems with chocolate and unhealthy food choices. With the support of Holly and a personal recording for 21 days i am now seeing the benefits of the treatment and have lost 8lbs in 5 weeks and no longer have the urge to to eat unhealthily. Never would have i thought that one session of RTT hypnosis would solve my unhealthy relationship with food but it has and i now feel super confident. I can highly recommend Holly as a therapist as she is a total professional who truly wants to help others with issues they may be experiencing. Thank you Holly you have transformed my Life!

michelle Maslen

"Holly helped me go from Depression to self Expression"

"“This Mentorship  (The Reset) was life saving, I am so happy that I joined! I was exhausted from taking care of my mum and Holly helped me to go from Anxiety & Depression to self expression! I stopped procrastinating and got to work, I got clear on my vision, and most importantly, I’ve become determined, self confident and so much more. Holly you are a life changer! Thank you. I am forever grateful .”

Lucy W

"Holly puts you at complete ease!"

"You can make a massive jumps in consciousness in a very quick time. I'm left with a sense of space which allows me to grow. Ive let go of habits which were holding mw back. She unpicked years of thoughts that were holding me back in just one session! Thank you so much."

Emily K. 

RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 

"I started drinking alcohol at the age of 21 and I never really stopped for 30 years. Other therapies just focused on the alcohol but no therapy ever really got to the root cause. 
RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 
I am now 3 years sober thanks to RTT® and it has improved my entire life. Those around me now also know the real me now and they do not need to worry about me."

kayla r.

"Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.!"

I am Sooo.. grateful for the session you gave me today, It was difficult initially to admit that I had an issue with sex from childhood Trauma, but you was the right therapist at the right time, & I recommend you to anyone that is being held back from living a full life, for whatever reasons.
You have shifted something inside of me, I feel lighter & a definite shift in the way I now think about sex & relationships, the past is never going to hold me back anymore.
I don't feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about sex, I'm looking forward to a long healthy loving relationship with enough lenghthy playful sex to fulfil my life..
Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.


You would like a therapist, coach, healer  and mentor for your healing journey, extra support and accountability throughout the whole transformational process.

You want to be Free from overwhelm, internal anger,  anxiety, CPTSD, depression, OCD, Perfectionism, analysis paralysis, self sabotage & Addictions that are holding you back to living in full alignment.

You want to be happy & confident again, belief in yourself and following your hearts desires. Improved  relationships, Health, your purpose, your career & how you feel about yourself.

You're ready for your healing journey and be free from Narcissistic Trauma & pain.

Is this right for me?

How long will it take to get results

This mentorship delivers results fast. I don’t subscribe to the belief that it takes months or years to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs. You will feel the difference and see quantifiable results straight away.

What is Rapid transformational Therapy?

RTT-hypnotherapy provides direct access to the cause and reasons of the issue by having you team up with your unconscious mind. Finding and transforming limiting beliefs on this profound level. We are not wasting time talking about what you consciously think may be the cause. Your subconscious mind already has the answers. Through these answers, you gain a new understanding.  


As humans, we all want the same things — joy, happiness, fulfillment, success, prosperity. This Mentorship will reinstall the confidence you were born with, so you really can step into your most unstoppable life.

Common Qs and As:

hey HOLLY, i have a question...

How much time do I need to commit?

You don’t need to put in endless hours of work. You only need to set aside around 2-3  Hours a weeks for our mentorship time together and 20minutes per day to watch  listen to the audios.

How do the audio recordings work?

The mind learns by repetition, so by repeatedly listening to the powerful words and messages of the audios, you will rewire your mind for success.


This Mentorship is based on Hollys own unique method of RTT Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting Shamanic Reiki  & 12 week "thinking into results program" This method goes beyond traditional hypnosis, meditation, Healing, coaching and NLP to get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs, so you can uncover, remove, and replace them for powerful, lasting change.

make a decision today get a complimentary strategy call today!

If you have some questions and have not found your answer in our FAQ section then please do not hide away.
I would be more than happy to chat to your and provide you with the answers you need.