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Science has proven that 95% of diets are ineffective, as people put the weight back on (and more) within a year. There is always an emotional reason for overeating and it’s usually for comfort when people are stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored.
 I believe we all deserve optimum health, so that we can actually enjoy the things and people in our lives. When it comes to the body, self-care is not just about looking great on the outside—it’s about giving yourself permission to be strong, well-rested, healthy, fit and radiant. ​

Many of my clients report that they struggle with issues like losing weight, getting quality sleep and ageing with grace. I’m passionate about supporting them in their journey, both with the mental part—giving oneself permission to prioritise physical well-being—and with the practical parts—how to actually achieve health, fitness and beauty goals.

The Kitchen Pharmacy TM is a unique membership, because even if you feel like you have tried everything - it’s a method so simple that it not only feels easy and effortless but enjoyable too! 

Make changes to your diet eat healthily and sustainably, in a way which is good both for both you and for the environment. 

what if you could have health on

Diets are too restrictive, which makes them hard to stick to. When you know that 95% of people who go on a diet put all the weight back on within a year and often some additional weight too it shows that diets don’t work. The longest time we can stay on a diet is just 6 weeks and many people only manage a few days.

your terms?

Finally losing the last ten pounds

Improving their fitness & Well-being

Making Phenominal changes in their health & Impact on the planet

my client are:

I want that!

What we eat and how it’s produced has consequences for the whole planet. If we want a world where people and nature thrive, we need to fix our food system. We can’t achieve this system change on our own, but adopting a healthy and sustainable diet could help us achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our food supply chain. ​

I show you how to make sustainable upgrades in your healthy lifestyle & They’re good for you, and the planet! You go at your own pace! Some people want to make radical shifts in their well-being whilst others make smaller steady changes. But the key is that this is NOT a short-term fad diet or a 12-week challenge where you make unrealistic goals and slip back after the challenge is over leaving you feeling bad about yourself physically and emotionally.​
By fuelling yourself with whole foods, incredible nutritional and whole food smoothies, sticking to the hypnosis audioscoupled with fun and effective exercises you will start to experience exciting changes in your body and begin to make better choices for yourself and your family. 
You will start to feel more energised, your salt and sugar cravings will decrease, you will begin craving more whole foods and feel incredible about yourself and the healthy upgrades you are making each day. Be the best version of themselves and benefiting from this unique health style program.

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Mind body 

Work with Holly

IT'S TIME TO be healthier, sexier + save the planet

UNlock instant access to the kitchen pharmacy today

 You’ll save on food bills & health costs.  The Kitchen Pharmacy TM is a unique method that has achieved phenomenal success, even when all else fails.
How often have you said on Sunday nights, "okay I'm gonna start eating better tomorrow.." and by Thursday you've completely fallen off the band wagon? It becomes this rollercoaster of up 5 lbs down 2 lbs, always trying to diet, and dying every time you gotta choose a salad over fries..
It is a vicious circle that The Kitchen Pharmacy TM membership will end for good.

Diet and exercise don’t tackle the issues that drive people to overeat. There is always an emotional reason and usually it’s for comfort when people are stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored.

That is why this life-changing transformational membership  is accessible to everyone for a small investment in yourself, and your long term health.

So are you ready to take a look at what this could do for you?

Common side effects...

of joining the kitchen pharmacy!

A natural sustained high energy & Stronger Immune System

Your body craving more vegetables, fruits and berries.Sugar cravings reduced or gone

Clearer mind and clarity of focus +Reduced body fat

Waking up invigorated. Improved circulation and cardiovascular function

Clearer radiant glowing skin, stronger hair & Nails

Enhanced exercise performance and recovery

A leaner, stronger more vitalistic body

Let's get started

 you're kitchen as your pharmacy! If you want to feel healthy, strong & full of vitality, the place to start is your own kitchen. I've got you

What would it be worth to have Perfect body & Health Forever?

You're ready to OWN your own power.

Tell another trait of your ideal customer to draw them in.

Tell them who they are, and who they want to become. 

Think of...

 Mini Self image 30 Day program ( its all about mindset & how you think of yourself)
 VIP private Facebook community group 
Accountability partnership
The super Cleanser! My amazing Detox program


• Monthly online workshops and regular emails [valued at £99]

• Upgrade to 1 1:1 coaching calls with Holly - so you can get individualised support. 

• Perfect Weight Hypnosis audio track & optimal health

. Discover ideal weight and body shape without restrictive Diets 

• Negative eating habits can be isolated & broken down once and for all.

• Change your relationship with food for good and finally say goodbye to JUNK FOOD & unhealthy habits

•Find motivation to ONLY want to eat healthy food can be a reality for you

• Monthly exercise videos,Podcasts and cooking videos

• Full access to my VIP nutrition studio thats full of all the resources you'll ever need on this detox: recipe ideas, meal planning guides, getting started guide, goal setting sheets,

What's included:

Meal planners, shopping lists, 

Articles and Podcasts for even more plant-based inspiration. Updated weekly! Listen to & read our latest thoughts for Nutrition & supporting the health of our planet and ourselves.

Guided meditations & Hypnosis audios

Hundreds of Sustainable Recipes

Exercises & workouts

Celebrating our wellbeing & supporting the health of our planet.

Join us now


Think of your kitchen as your pharmacy! If you want to feel healthy, strong & full of vitality, the place to start is your own kitchen. I've got you. 

the kitchen pharmacy TM

Praise Hands

"Holly was amazing. You can't go wrong working with her! I suffered a breakdown & couldn't see the woods from the trees.. "

"Holly was amazing. I suffered a breakdown and was unable to see the wood through the tree’s. RTT® was a truly unique experience and I am so thankful for this work. I have been able to overcome my anxiety and overwhelm and feel so much more positive about moving forward in my life. I had been receiving CBT, however within just 1 session of RTT®, I no longer feel anxious or depressed. I really admire and appreciate the work and I am excited as I continue to grow in confidence every day. Thank You.

kate w.

"Holly you have totally transformed my life & my unhealthy relationship with food!"

"I had one session with Holly where she used RTT therapy to get to the root of my problems with chocolate and unhealthy food choices. With the support of Holly and a personal recording for 21 days i am now seeing the benefits of the treatment and have lost 8lbs in 5 weeks and no longer have the urge to to eat unhealthily. Never would have i thought that one session of RTT hypnosis would solve my unhealthy relationship with food but it has and i now feel super confident. I can highly recommend Holly as a therapist as she is a total professional who truly wants to help others with issues they may be experiencing. Thank you Holly you have transformed my Life!

michelle Maslen

"Holly helped me go from Depression to self Expression"

"“This Mentorship  (The Reset) was life saving, I am so happy that I joined! I was exhausted from taking care of my mum and Holly helped me to go from Anxiety & Depression to self expression! I stopped procrastinating and got to work, I got clear on my vision, and most importantly, I’ve become determined, self confident and so much more. Holly you are a life changer! Thank you. I am forever grateful .”

Lucy W

"Holly puts you at complete ease!"

"You can make a massive jumps in consciousness in a very quick time. I'm left with a sense of space which allows me to grow. Ive let go of habits which were holding mw back. She unpicked years of thoughts that were holding me back in just one session! Thank you so much."

Emily K. 

RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 

"I started drinking alcohol at the age of 21 and I never really stopped for 30 years. Other therapies just focused on the alcohol but no therapy ever really got to the root cause. 
RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 
I am now 3 years sober thanks to RTT® and it has improved my entire life. Those around me now also know the real me now and they do not need to worry about me."

kayla r.

"Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.!"

I am Sooo.. grateful for the session you gave me today, It was difficult initially to admit that I had an issue with sex from childhood Trauma, but you was the right therapist at the right time, & I recommend you to anyone that is being held back from living a full life, for whatever reasons.
You have shifted something inside of me, I feel lighter & a definite shift in the way I now think about sex & relationships, the past is never going to hold me back anymore.
I don't feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about sex, I'm looking forward to a long healthy loving relationship with enough lenghthy playful sex to fulfil my life..
Thanks for lighting my fire & setting me free.


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