Learning how to navigate your way back home
  A new earth guide to overcoming spiritual abuse and awakening your shamanic healing abilities

The Greatest Initiation

"A gift of profound wisdom, insight & Love. An oracle from one that knows' - 

Join the tribe of women who are making waves in their health and fitness. You’ll be challenged, coached, and open up alongside other like minded women! Join the tribe of women who are making waves in their health and fitness. You’ll be challenged, coached, and open up alongside other like minded women!

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Unlock the mystery of who you are after Narcissistic Abuse


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"This is the very best podcast for entrepreneurs, at all stages of business. Elizabeth gives relatable and tactical advice, so you can get moving towards your business goals. She’s easy to listen to and is the one podcast I listen to consistently. I usually don’t leave reviews, but this podcast deserves a raving one! ☺️" — Lisa L.

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Holly Wheeler is a writer, Shaman, ritualist and creative. A bestselling author, her books and oracle decks are published in 18 languages. Holly believes that we are nature and of her creations are in devotion to the beauty of nature and weaving the soul
back into everyday life.

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